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Turbosmart - Hose Tee 3.00\" ID 1.50\" spout

(Code: TS-TS HT300150 BK)
Was: $55.25 $45.02 incl GST

Hose Tee 3.00\" ID 1.5\" spout


Turbosmart - Hose Tee 3.00\
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It is a well-proven fact that silicone hoses are stronger, tougher and more flexible than ordinary rubber hoses.

Turbosmart Silicone Hoses are manufactured from a high-grade silicone and offer superior temperature resistance which makes them ideal for cooling/heating and charged-air applications.

They will last longer, perform better and will not deform under extreme conditions.
An inexpensive and practical performance modification for all types of vehicles.

All Turbosmart Silicone Hoses are pressure rated to 220psi and are available in a wide range of styles and diameters. All Silicone Hoses are available in Blue (Part Number ending with BE) and in Black (Part Number ending with BK).


Imp Size/Spout Size Part number
1.00\" Outlet. Suits 2.00 (50mm) plumbing TS-HT200100-BE
1.00\" Outlet. Suits 2.50 (63.5mm) plumbing TS-HT250100-BE
1.50\" Outlet. Suits 2.00 (50mm) plumbing TS-HT200150-BE
1.50\" Outlet. Suits 2.25 (57mm) plumbing TS-HT225150-BE
1.50\" Outlet. Suits 2.50 (63.5mm) plumbing TS-HT250150-BE
1.50\" Outlet. Suits 2.75 (70mm) plumbing TS-HT275150-BE
1.50\" Outlet. Suits 3.00 (76mm) plumbing TS-HT300150-BE
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