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Motive DVD - Issue 4

(Code: JM-004)
Was: $14.96 $14.95 incl GST

Motive DVD #4 is our Evo vs WRX special. Mitsubishi and Subaru have been fighting it out on the gravel, snow, tarmac, drag strip, circuit and the street for nearly 20 years.


Motive DVD - Issue 4
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Each all-wheel-drive turbo weapon has it's legion of loyal fans who are convinced that their chosen mark is the best.

In Motive DVD #4 we've featured some of the best modified versions so you can choose the winner for yourself.

But that's not all. We've got drag racing action at Jamboree 19, drifting action at the Project D Drift Day, three hot models, project cars and more.
Thanks to DC Shoes we have a special treat. The Ken Block Gymkhana 2 video on the big screen. Forget watching it on youtube, now you can watch it on your big-screen TV in all its glory. Nearly 2-hours of modified import action not to be missed.

Tomei/Cusco STi ­ Worldıs fastest WRX
Sierra Sierra Evo ­ USAıs fastest Evo
Siler Bullet ­ Time Attack STi
Master Craftsman ­ Design Craft Evo X
Project Mu Evo vs WRX Challenge
Jungle Drift ­ Kumakubo Evo X drift car
Grudge Match 3 ­ Ralliart vs WRX
Ken Block ­ Launch party and Gymkhana 2 Video
First Date - Kathy Gardiner
Double Date - Corissa Furr and Alicia Whitten
Jamboree 19 ­ Willowbank Raceway
Project D Drift Day ­ Oran Park Raceway
Motive Garage
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