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Powercruise 43 Brisbane - 08-09-2013

The results from the cars that participated in the Powercruise 43 Brisbane Dyno comp. It was an action packed weekend both on and off the dyno!

Cars at the event
Name Car Name Model Class NOS Boost Power
1. No PicTessa WhyteNITTONissan R34GTR Straight 6NoTurbo755.9 kW
1013.7 HP
2. No PicGreg EmberleyORT340Chrysler Charger V8 Big BlockNoTurbo751.7 kW
1008.1 HP
3. Mike Walpole's HANDFULMike WalpoleHANDFULR32 Nissan Skyline Straight 6NoTurbo700.8 kW
939.8 HP
4. No PicCraig RosePWR454Holden HQ Styleside V8 Big BlockYesN/A675 kW
905.2 HP
5. Anthony L's SYCO55Anthony LSYCO55Holden VY SS Straight 6NoTurbo524 kW
702.7 HP
6. No PicJessie BarbelerBARBZPHolden HSV VY V8 Small BlockNoCharged510.9 kW
685.1 HP
7. No PicDean C2630VLHolden VL Calais Straight 6NoTurbo487.1 kW
653.2 HP
8. No PicCarl SolomonBGJ 08XFord Falcon Straight 6NoTurbo468.5 kW
628.3 HP
9. No PicJamie BTURBQHolden VE Maloo V8 Small BlockNoTurbo466.1 kW
625 HP
10. No PicFausto FeliceCAM57267 Chev Camaro V8 Big BlockNoN/A456.2 kW
611.8 HP
11. No PicGreg TrapnellS11591Holden HQ Monaro V8 Big BlockNoN/A454.9 kW
610 HP
12. No PicDarrin MSIKO32R32 GTR Skyline Straight 6NoTurbo450.1 kW
603.6 HP
13. No PicCraig RosePWR454Holden HQ Styleside V8 Big BlockNoN/A425.6 kW
570.8 HP
14. No PicLuke Jones30DETHolden VL Commodore Straight 6NoTurbo423.1 kW
567.4 HP
15. No PicC MackenzieANARKYHolden HQ V8 Big BlockNoN/A413.7 kW
554.8 HP
16. No PicRobert WellsVBT04Holden VB Commodore Straight 6NoTurbo407.5 kW
546.4 HP
17. No PicGerard E375RMGFord FPV F6 Straight 6NoTurbo401.9 kW
539 HP
18. No PicPeter BythOZJZSLexus Straight 6NoTurbo401.8 kW
538.8 HP
19. No PicMartin SBMB37BHolden HSV Maloo V8 Small BlockNoCharged397.9 kW
533.6 HP
20. No PicPeter BrightLTD434Ford V8 Small BlockNoN/A388.2 kW
520.6 HP
21. No PicBrandon MNVMYNAHolden VZ V8 Small BlockNoN/A375.1 kW
503 HP
22. No PicChris Creech869TAAHolden V8 Small BlockNoCharged372.9 kW
500.1 HP
23. No PicBrett ArmstrongGTS496Holden HQ V8 Big BlockNoN/A372.8 kW
500 HP
24. No PicJason SNICUC Torana V8 Small BlockNoCharged370.5 kW
496.9 HP
25. No PicAnthony B VLDO5Holden VL Commodore Straight 6NoTurbo369 kW
494.8 HP
26. No PicDaniel TribeCUTSICHolden Torana V8 Small BlockYesN/A359.6 kW
482.2 HP
27. No PicPaul S(Hidden)HSV GTS V8 Small BlockNoN/A353.3 kW
473.8 HP
28. No PicCameron HayesCAMSHWHolden VE SS Ute V8 Small BlockNoN/A352 kW
472 HP
29. No PicMark McLeanBLOWN57CHEV 57 Belair V8 Big BlockNoCharged337.7 kW
452.9 HP
30. No PicRowan B(Hidden)Ford, XR6 Straight 6NoTurbo329.7 kW
442.1 HP
31. No PicJeremy B827KKUToyota Supra Straight 6NoTurbo327.4 kW
439 HP
32. No PicStephen Crisp(Hidden)Ford FPV F6 Straight 6NoTurbo321.8 kW
431.6 HP
33. Chris Moody's 981 CXMChris Moody981 CXMR33 Nissan Skyline Straight 6NoTurbo320.7 kW
430.1 HP
34. No PicJamie Lees306RZSFord Typhoon Straight 6NoTurbo319.3 kW
428.2 HP
35. No PicAdam FGEM111VL Commodore Straight 6NoTurbo310.4 kW
416.2 HP
36. Shane Whiting's 07WPNShane Whiting07WPNMazda Rx7 RotaryNoTurbo299.8 kW
402 HP
37. No PicDaniel WellerMET 741Toyota Hilux RotaryNoTurbo292.9 kW
392.8 HP
38. No PicMatthew Sutton(Hidden)Holden VY SS V8 Small BlockNoN/A292.8 kW
392.7 HP
39. No PicAdam H(Hidden)VL Commodore Straight 6NoTurbo292.6 kW
392.4 HP
40. Wayne Brown's (Hidden)Wayne Brown(Hidden)Holden VU V8 Small BlockNoN/A289 kW
387.6 HP
41. No PicJason Macintosh(Hidden)Holden Calais V8 Small BlockNoN/A283.3 kW
379.9 HP
42. No PicBen MooreCYNissan Silvia Straight 6NoTurbo273.4 kW
366.6 HP
43. No PicLuke Howard ClarkNTS 383Ht Kingswood V8 Small BlockNoN/A270 kW
362.1 HP
44. No PicRod Beatton816CAMFord Falcon Straight 6YesN/A267.6 kW
358.9 HP
45. Jamie S's ELC33Jamie SELC33Holden Torana LC V8 Small BlockNoN/A259.7 kW
348.2 HP
46. No PicAdam Watson972JBXHolden V8 Small BlockNoN/A257.4 kW
345.2 HP
47. No PicNathaniel Lundry(Hidden)R33 Nissan Skyline Straight 6NoN/A254.8 kW
341.7 HP
48. No PicJoel Robert Lawton090JRLVF SS Commodore V8 Small BlockNoN/A254.2 kW
340.9 HP
49. No PicMark GilesJET600Holden Hq ute V8 Small BlockNoN/A248.4 kW
333.1 HP
50. No PicJames Malone(Hidden)Nissan Silvia S13 4NoTurbo246.2 kW
330.1 HP
51. No PicRicky LewisAR77BSNissan 200sx 4NoTurbo243.1 kW
326 HP
52. Chevy Fields's 17ONVZChevy Fields17ONVZHolden Commodore V8 Small BlockNoN/A229.5 kW
307.7 HP
53. No PicRod Greer30LTRVL Commodore Straight 6NoTurbo222.1 kW
297.9 HP
54. Joe Scott's BU54HVJoe ScottBU54HVFord Falcon BA Straight 6NoTurbo212.7 kW
285.2 HP
55. No PicCraig Scjs08yHolden Commodore V8 Small BlockNoN/A192.5 kW
258.1 HP
56. No PicJosh Hill0745QCMazda RX4 RotaryNoTurbo191.8 kW
257.2 HP
57. No PicRoy LegoS23818Holden HQ V8 Small BlockNoN/A185.9 kW
249.3 HP
58. No PicDaniel Baker(Hidden)Nissan 200sx S15 4NoTurbo185.6 kW
248.9 HP
59. No PicGraeme WalfordSyco32R32 GTST Skyline Straight 6NoTurbo185.5 kW
248.8 HP
60. No PicRenee Johnstone(Hidden)Ford Anglia 4NoTurbo165 kW
221.3 HP
61. No PicLuke H18LPHFord Falcon XR8 V8 Small BlockNoN/A139.5 kW
187.1 HP
62. No PicAndrew WorthSGE86Toyota AE86 4NoN/A125.3 kW
168 HP
63. Chris Doolan's DULO5Chris DoolanDULO5Holden Gemini RotaryNoN/A113.1 kW
151.7 HP

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